UK Public Sector Internal Audit Standards Advisory Board

Welcome to the website of UK Public Sector Internal Audit Standards Advisory Board (IASAB), established by the bodies responsible for setting Internal Audit Standards in the UK public sector.

The UK Public Sector Internal Audit Standards Advisory Board (IASAB) exists to promote high quality internal audit across the UK public sector. It does this mainly by advising the Relevant Internal Audit Standard Setters (RIASS) on the development and maintenance of the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards (PSIAS).

Latest news

March 2021

Follow up guidance on overall opinions. The IASAB has issued guidance which sets out considerations for heads of internal audit as they plan the programme of work which will generate the evidence base for the 2021-22 annual overall audit opinion and which will support the 2021-22 Governance statement. It may also be helpful when developing the 2020-21 annual opinion.

January 2021: IIA's updated Three Lines Model

The Institute of Internal Auditors has implemented a major update to its Three Lines Model (previously known as the Three Lines of Defense Model). This follows consultation on how the model should be amended to reflect developments since the model's inception and improved thinking about how the model is used in practice.

The IASAB responded to that consultation and is pleased to see the result. While the update is not a standard per se, it is a key part of the internal audit and wider thinking on how governance operates. The updated model does not change the thinking in the older document, but provides a more nuanced explanation of how the model is applied in practice, and how the model relates to the key governance roles within which internal audit operates.

May 2020

New guidance on conformance with the PSIAS during the coronavirus pandemic has been added to the IASAB website on the COVID-19 page.

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