IASAB member code of conduct

Key responsibilities of IASAB members.

  1. IASAB members must act on IASAB business in a personal capacity and not as the representative of any group or organisation, irrespective of how they were nominated or selected.
  2. IASAB members must not use their position for personal gain in either business, political or social relationships. They are required to be honest and open with regard to conflicts of interest (either real or perceived).
  3. In order that the IASAB can fulfil its role in accordance with its Terms of Reference, individual IASAB members must, inter alia:
  • Participate personally in IASAB meetings on a consistent basis, to provide continuity of IASAB membership;
  • Participate in debates to enable the IASAB to collectively provide its advice on financial reporting proposals submitted to it by the Relevant Internal Audit Standard Setters;
  • When privy to sensitive or confidential information as a result of IASAB’s discussions, which has not yet been released publically by the Relevant Internal Audit Standard Setters, to observe any restrictions on communicating the information to any third party outside of IASAB, unless specifically authorised to do so by the IASAB Chair;
  • Consult with the IASAB Chair (and IASAB Secretariat as required) before responding to any requests by the media to comment on IASAB business;
  • Participate in discussions on the IASAB’s direction and forward work plan;
  • Always act in the IASAB’s best interests and represent it by upholding and promoting its purpose and role; Declare any actual or potential conflict of interest, withdraw from all discussions relating to it and take no part in the provision of the IASAB’s advice related to the matter, unless otherwise agreed with the IASAB Chair;
  • Declare if a view is provided on behalf of a Relevant Internal Audit Standard Setter;
  • Participate in a regular review of their performance on IASAB.
Code Breaches

Any breaches of the Code of Conduct will be referred to the IASAB Chair for consideration.

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